Office represents clients before arbitration bodies in other actions aimed at the settlement of disputes, including the

1. Preparation and drafting of arbitration stipulation. 

2. Attend meetings of the arbitration and the defense submissions and to respond to adversaries. 

3. Implementation of the provisions of the arbitrator after the issuance of the final judgment. 

Companies and business


We also offer assistance to our clients to establish their business activities within the United Arab Emirates, through the preparation and drafting of foundation contracts and follow-up procedures of incorporation with the competent authorities and registration of companies in the General Authority for Investment and Chambers of Commerce, and all other relevant official bodies; Rudha Al Attar Advocates and Legal Consultants and its relations helps It’s clients of foreign businesses in choosing their local partners from the business within the state.

As a part of our services we evaluate business risk and we draft and review all items of Public and Private in construction contracts. We also provide Risk Management in Government contracts and also accommodate Legal Services for Turnkey Contracts, mega construction contracts because our Attorneys have adequate experience and knowledge of all the trends and practices in the evolving market.

It also provides service to its’ clients in their intention to participate in the investment of their money with foreign companies to verify the legal entity of foreign companies because we believe that when you start racing the importance of effective partnership in order to avoid falling into any damages in the future.


Debt collection is in many cases a cumbersome process and time-consuming, vastly preferred to be forwarded to another party to be carried out. One of the elements of Legal Services based on the support primarily in the process of collection through the provision of effective solutions to the problems of collection and credit policies as we follow up on debt collection and receivables through the Courts and Authorities and take advantage of all actions by the courts and regulations, including all implementation options on the debtor.

Debt Collection
Direct Issues


Rudha Al Attar Advocates and Legal Consultants directly involves in various Civil & Criminal, Commercial, Banking & Financial, Administrative and Labor and Personal Status and Direct Representation of others and plead on their behalf in all stages of the Case from the stage of inference - passing through the stage of investigation and up to the stage of the proceedings in the Courts of all levels or Judicial Committees and internal arbitration bodies. The Foreign and various degrees of competence and the end of the implementation phase for each case according to its legal nature.

With the team at Rudha Al Attar Advocates and Legal Consultants with a long and successful track record and achievements in representation of clients in various disputes relating to Criminal Cases, and the expedite the follow-up and completion of procedures and trade issues such as Companies, and Commercial transactions and Civil Cases.


The responsibility for implementing the provisions between the Department of implementations office review and issues presented in the management of any cases against you, including the task of conducting the necessary negotiations or a judicial clearing if necessary. This includes the implementation in general inside or outside the state. 

Intellectual Property


The intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks and copyrights), one of the firm's assets most important and that should be protected legal cover tightly and considered our services in the field of intellectual property rights, inclusive of all actions of the preparation and presentation and follow-up requests for registration and also the hearing and legal representation as well as the defense claims of infringement ownership of patents, copyrights, or trademarks.

We also provide recommendations to our clients about the legal rights and responsibilities associated with the use of intellectual property rights and competition practices.

Our strategy is to exert maximum efforts to protect intellectual property rights while avoiding recourse to eliminate as much as possible but in all cases, willing to represent clients with all competent authorities. 


Our law firm represents clients internationally via a large group of law firms specialized and known for their thoroughness, skill and excellence in London, Malaysia and India. These firms participate in the preparation, processing and negotiation to bring international claims on behalf of the principal office if warranted.

International Services
Personal Status Issues


We enjoy a great reputation in the field of personal status issues at Rudha Al Attar Advocates and Legal Consultants, we aware of the disputes covered by the Personal Status Law, the family dealing with things that are sensitive, so we are dealing with the concept warned that meets the needs of the client and the search for less pressure and complicated to reach a satisfactory solution. 


Our office has extensive practical experience covering various types of real estate transactions and dispositions. This includes negotiating and drafting contracts for the acquisition, financing and payment arrangements, leases, construction contracts and construction contracts for the use, and the various types of documents, legal acts, commercial real estate or residential. On the other hand we do research and analysis of the legal situation of real estate and raise the necessary recommendations to gain access to the legal status of the optimum. 

Real Property
Settlement and conflict resolution


The Office is also in dealing with the complex issues specific to his clients, which result from differences or disputes with other companies, or government agencies or Semi-governmental.

We have testimony to the good reputation of the services provided by the office and his fame in the provision of value-added consulting and strategic direction, and good deal with the issue in a unique environment of legal work.

It also features a team work skills and unique experiences in dealing with the situation when you refer the dispute to the courts. The working group has legal skills that enable him to make sure that any settlement to be reached is formulated including protects and promotes the interests of the customers in the near term and long term